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Stand-Alone Solutions

Locktech's stand-alone solutions have been designed to respond to the unique requirements of any property. We offer a wide selection of attractive, robust, and durable lock designs. Our state-of-the art operating systems designed with the needs of economy and limited-service properties in mind, easily integrate with existing property management systems. From sophisticated systems for properties with thousands of rooms, to the stand-alone independent solutions that do not require computer, we have the breadth and depth of solutions to meet your needs.


DeskLinc™ is the portable hotel front desk operating system that fits in the palm of your hand. Using the latest advances in smart card technology, DeskLinc is uniquely designed to offer small and mid-size property managers all the functions and convenience of a large-property front desk system without the need for bulky computer equipment and an elaborate set-up.


SAFLOK™ MT™ is a multi-technology locking system that provides properties around the world with added levels of security and greater efficiency. The non-volatile FLASH circuitry stores up to 5,900 entries to provide detailed audit-trail information, such as date and time of the entry as well as the ID code of the employee or guest using the keycard. The MT™ lock is easy to use and works with the Windows-based System 6000™ and DeskLinc™ front desk systems. A mechanical key override (MKO®) feature is also available.


With ädesē®, SAFLOK™ has blended distinctive elegance and superior locking technology. Compatible with SAFLOK’s System 6000™ front desk operating system and Messenger® ZigBee bi-directional wireless communication system, this premier electronic lock is masterfully crafted for the world’s most prestigious hospitality properties, creating a revolutionary access management system.

Quantum RFID  Quantum

The modular feature of the sectional Quantum™ lock was created to address the need for both form and function. The sectional trim lock is a contemporary and modern two-piece modular design that offers flexibility in aesthetics and functionality.


Remote Control Unit
SAFLOK’s™ remote control unit (RCU) is a stand-alone electronic keycard reader designed to work with a variety of exit device applications. The reader offers the widest possible range of security and convenience. Robust, reliable, and durable, the RCU is compatible with perimeter door exit devices, entry doors requiring “after-hours” admission, health clubs, spas, and banquet facilities.


Kaba Ilco FDU
Accelerate the check-in process and reduce training time with the most user-friendly access control system in the industry!

790 LOCK

790 RFID Electronic Lock (Contactless)
The ideal solution for hotels wanting the ultimate in security and operational efficiency. Guests only need to present their keycards or tokens to the lock reader to gain access. Staff keycards carry audit information permitting security personnel to track their movements.

770 lock

770 Electronic Lock
Enhance the security and elegance of your hotel with the ultimate door lock – engineered for reliability and designed for style.

760 lock

Generation E-760
Simple, secure and offering the best market value in its class - The Generation E-760 stand-alone electronic lock is designed to meet the challenging and diverse needs of the hotel industry.

710 lock

Solitaire 710-II
Sleek, simple and scalable. With a wide choice of finishes, an elegant design, and compatibility with most PMS vendors, Solitaire 710-II electronic lock suits any type of hotel -and any type of budget - large or small.


Kaba Ilco Remote Access Controllers (RAC)
Remote Access Controllers (RAC) operate special doors, such as access to elevators, parking, as well as doors requiring an electric strike or electromagnetic locks.

710 lock

In Room Safes
Locktech's complete line of in-room electronic safes combines impeccable construction, security, and user-friendly keypad operation. The safes store a audit-trail information, which is downloaded when the safe is interrogated. They are available in a variety of sizes and colors to accommodate a wide array of electronic devices, from laptop computers to pocket PCs. They are ideal for hotels, resorts, and casinos.