Generation E-760

Simple, secure and offering the best market value for hotel locks. The Generation E-760 stand-alone lock is designed to meet the challenging and diverse needs of the hotel industry.

The reliable and robust design of the lock is paired with magnetic strip keycard reader technology and an emergency key override feature with full audit accountability to provide lodging establishments with the efficiency and security they demand.

760 lock

Features & Benefits
Generation E-760 electronic lock emphasizes heightened security, worry-free installation, easy maintenance, and user friendliness for guests, staff and management alike. One simple keycard allows access to guestrooms and common areas such as pools, hotel entrances and parking garages, thereby eliminating the need for traditional keys and related rekeying costs due to loss or theft. All this in a dynamic stand-alone system.
Each keycard is encoded using a portable Front Desk Unit (FDU), uniquely designed for the hotel industry. The magnetic strip keycard reader provides full audit accountability, enabling management to provide legal support in the event of unauthorized access to a room. For emergency use the Generation E-760 door locks provide emergency access through a mechanical key (fixed or recodable) or electronic override plus an emergency keycard.
Security, ease of use and reliability are the key ingredients that make the Generation E-760 the system of choice for lodging establishments seeking the convenience and efficiency of a stand-alone electronic lock.

Features at a Glance

* Access control for guestrooms and facilities, as well as back-of-the-house

* Easily replaces mechanical or electronic door locks throughout a facility

* An economical choice for immediate increase in security

* Can be integrated into an existing master key system

* Scalable to specific hotel needs and budget

* No wiring required

* Ease of use for both guests and staff

* Requires only 3 AA batteries

* Compatibility with major PMS vendors

* Operates with keycard in insert motion in open reader slot
   so foreign objects are easily removed

* Completely field reversible

* Emergency access by emergency keycard, mechanical key or
   electronic override reduces risks of drilling lock

* Easy & economical upgrade from System 700 Locks to the E-760 System

* Finish Options
    Bright Chrome      Bright Brass      Satin Chrome      Satin Brass
Bright Chrome Bright Brass  Satin Chrome   Satin Brass

    Powder Coated      Satin Nickel      Antique brass      Supreme finish
Powder Coated Satin Nickel  Antique brass   Supreme finish

* Lever Options
   Short Lever   Long Lever
    Short lever      Long Lever