DeskLinc™ is the portable front desk operating system that fits in the palm of your hand. Using the latest advances in smart card technology, DeskLinc is uniquely designed to offer small and mid-size property managers all the functions and convenience of a large-property front desk system without the need for bulky computer equipment and an elaborate set-up.


As a multi-technology system, DeskLinc is compatible with smart, magstripe, and memory media. DeskLinc is the only system on the market to offer smart/memory card capability as a standard feature at no upcharge.

The DeskLinc™ system anticipates property managers’ needs by bringing information back from the lock by way of smart card, saving both time and money.

Form and Function

DeskLinc™ consists of a handheld unit and an insertion encoder. No computer is required to operate the system, and this system easily integrates with existing PMS structures. The insertion encoder is a multi-station-capable unit. It accurately and quickly encodes all three types of keycard media. The handheld unit is used to program information to the keycard. Improved features and upgrades to the DeskLinc handheld unit include:

• The ability to download lock diagnostics at the door
• An enlarged backlit display screen
• A built-in emergency lock power supply (ELPS) that is now part of the handheld unit and can be used to open the door after power is restored
• An extended sign-on function that allows users to remain logged in as long as they do not sign off
• The ability to create limited-use keys with two-time-use within a set time frame
• The ability to program lock to automatically open and close at specified times
• Employee master keys can be programmed to only work during specified work hours
• Multi-station communication using existing network infrastructure
• A selectable pass option that allows for optional access authorization to specific areas

In small and mid-size properties where front desk real estate is at a premium, DeskLinc provides a compact option never before offered by other products.

Revolutionary Smart Card Technology

Property managers are faced with many questions in day-to-day operations:

"Did Sally visit and replace the light bulb in the assigned room?"

"How long did it take Jim to visit all the rooms to perform regular upkeep?"

Tracking staff activity and ensuring more effective building management are just some of the issues easily addressed by DeskLinc. When smart and memory keycards are issued to staff, managers can track their activities throughout the property. Managers can retrieve information on all the locks visited by the employee by interrogating the smart cards at the DeskLinc unit. They do not have to waste time independently visiting each lock. DeskLinc will identify the key, indicate the user, and when the key expires. Additional information, such as when the key was first made and its I.D. number, is also displayed. A report of key use in the locks can also be generated. The report includes the date and time of key use, the locks the keycard attempted to open, why the keycard was not allowed to open certain doors, and which locks require battery changes or had privacy activated. All this information empowers property managers to be proactive instead of reactive.