770 Electronic Lock

Enhance the security and elegance of your hotel with the ultimate electronic door lock – engineered for reliability and designed for style.

Your guests will appreciate the deadbolt protection, ergonomic design and easy-to-use card reading, your staff will enjoy the ease of installation and maintenance of the 770 Electronic Lock.

770 lock

Features at a Glance

* Comprehensive security and tracking
Programming options allow for limited access to hotel staff and guests in restricted areas or during specified times. Each lock keeps an audit trail of the last 200 transactions. A standard mechanical key override gives hotel management and security staff peace of mind.

* Worry-free maintenance
All electronics and batteries are located in the electronic lock's front housing, so there is no need to disturb guests for maintenance. Software upgrades can be implemented on site, eliminating delays.

* Functions
Operates with reliable easy-to-use magnetic stripe keycards
Reads magnetic stripe when keycard is removed, ensuring that cards are not left in the lock
Provides visible and audible feedback; LEDs are mounted directly in the reader
Automatically cancels previous guest’s keycard to ensure privacy and security

* Features
One-inch solid metal deadbolt for added protection and privacy (available with auto-deadbolt)
Audit trail records the last 200 lock transactions
Standard mechanical key override
Lock can be integrated into a hotel master key system
Control boards are coated with a proprietary solution to seal out moisture and contaminants
Compliance and certification
ADA-compliant for physically disabled guests and staff
Shabbat-compliant lock available
ILCO Lodging Systems’ 770 Electronic Lock is listed in the BHMA Certified Products Directory for ANSI/BHMA A156.25 and A156.13 2002 Electrified Locking Devices Grade 1

* Finish Options
   Satin Chrome   Satin Brass
Satin Chrome Satin Brass

* Lever Options
   Short Lever   Long Lever
    Short lever      Long Lever