Locktel 622

Mobile becomes your remote control.

The most powerful and most complete!
Compatible with all automatic door systems.
- opens one or two doors
- leaving the door open until a new call
- to open and close automatically
- 4 alarm inputs to warn you.
- 2 separate contacts to control doors

locktel 622
A reliable and secure remote control.
Up to 1000 users,
ideal for professional and residential use.


locktel access

Open one or two doors :
Each user receives the right to open either gate A, door B or A + B
Example :
You have a gate at the entrance of your property and a garage door.
When you call the Musitel unit, gate and garage open. When your children call, only the gate at the entrance opens.

Automatically after a few seconds the door will close (max. 4 minutes and 15 seconds). Example : With your radio remote, you must close the door by a second press of the button. Musitel 622 can automate this. You can rest assured that the door is closed.

Useful if you open the door remotely, without visual inspection.