Digitaal combinatie slot - 3780

Brand new L&F digital combination lock.
High quality materials throughout.
Attractive design.
Manufactured in the UK.
Most components from European source.
Flexibility of design, features and build options.
Improved security.
Improved resistance to attack.
Many new features.

4 digit user code
8 digit master code
6 digit sub-master code
6 digit technician code

Private mode (user code retained when opened)
Public mode (user code lost when opened)
Technician mode (user code retained with lock set in Public mode.

Mechanical override key, 2,000 differs, master option.
Vertical, Left or Right hand options.
Silver or black.
20mm or 24mm spindle.


3780 -1      3780 -2
3780 -3
3780 -4